A London, Ontario based physiotherapy clinic wanted to bring their services online to make getting physiotherapy treatment easier for clients.

I created this application alongside 4 other developers. We took care in consulting with the clinic’s owner to ensure the application could cover all of the unique needs of a physiotherapy clinic.

I enjoyed working on this project for two reasons: (1) it was a complex application that was a challenge to develop and (2) we needed to be creative in designing an application that would fit the client’s unique needs.

Feature List

Secure Login & Secure Payment

Users can create an account, login, create a profile, and pay to have a consultation and rehabilitation plan created for them.

Different User Roles

The physiotherapist is a served a different version of the website where they can monitor their client progress, create new physiotherapy plans and communicate with their client.

Interactive Calendar to Book an Appointment

Physiotherapists are offered the convenience of being able to book time off within the application. Clients are able to use a calendar to book appointments with their physiotherapists at their convenience.

Instant Messaging

Physiotherapists and patients can have an ongoing asynchronous test-base conversation that is fully contained within the application.

Take Part in Periodic Assessment Tests

Physiotherapists can request their clients complete assessment tests periodically. The questions in assessment tests are completely customizable by the physiotherapist.

Manage Patient Intake Forms, Treatment, Appointments and Assessments

Physiotherapists have access to a detailed dashboard of information on each of their patients.

Rehabilitation Plan Version History

Physiotherapists can view the progression of their rehabilitation plans given to the patient over time.

View Analytics on Treatment Progress

Detailed insights on how changes in the patient’s rehabilitation plans have affected their progress over time. Helps the physiotherapist make educated decisions on next course of action.