My first fully featured app that connects login functionality with a database to give users the features of a complete social network.

All images are pulled from NASA's Image API.

Landing Page
Create a new account
Browse and search from all images in the NASA Image API
Create a new collection of images
Add an image to one of your collections
Browse and rate collections other users have made
View collection details and images
Edit an existing collection
Choose to toggle between private and public collections

Feature List

Secure Login Functionality

Users can create an account, login and create a profile.

Server to Communicate to Database

The database stores all user information, collections, and collection data (such as likes and images in the collection). Used Node.js and Express.js to communicate with the MongoDB database to retrieve all user information.

Search Functionality

Search through all pictures on the NASA Image API.

Create and Edit Collections

Full functionality to create, edit, add images and delete images from a collection. Users can also choose to make their collections private if they wish.

Browse and Like Other Users’ Collections

Users have the option of simply browsing NASA images or browsing and rating other user's collections of photos.