Developed for the Ivey Business School to teach students how company priorities can shift with a cap and trade emissions policy.

Students must act in the company’s best interest to increase profits. They learn the mechanics of the trading, setting production targets and investment behaviour of companies in this environment.

Provides full functionality to create classes, develop games, assign companies and extract simulation insights.

Integrated with the school's SSO
Student View: Set production values in the simulation
Student View: Trade with any of the other companies in your game
Student View: Each company can choose from 3 clean technology investments
Faculty View: List of all classes on the dashboard
Faculty View: Upload student emails to create student accounts
Faculty View: Assign students to different companies and games
Faculty View: View class progress as simulation is in progress
Faculty View: View analysis after simulation and export as CSV

Feature List

Four Companies to Choose From

Four companies programmed in the game all with different production/trading limits and investment options. Makes for diverse simulations in a market with competing interests.

Three User Types

Admin accounts to edit the faculty list and manage company data. Faculty can develop games, manage students, view game progress and view simulation analytics. Students can participate in the trial game and live simulation.

Three Simulation Years

Each company will be able to go through multiple years of the simulation. Helps students see the effects of any long-term investments they make.

Create and Assign Students to Games and Companies

Each class has multiple games and each game has multiple groups. Where each group represents a single company. Offers the option for students to work as a team representing one company.

View Simulation Analytics

Faculty members can view 9 automatically generated charts from the data of their students’ games. Option to export raw data as an excel sheet.

View Live Game Progress

Faculty members can track the progress of all of the games in their class live. Helps professors synchronize class activities with the progress of the games.

Trial Game

Before class begins students can get familiar with the simulation using the trial game.

Set Production Targets

Students can use the production screen to try out different production levels and project their profits before ultimately selecting their production levels for the year.

Live Trading

Can trade excess or shortage of permits with other companies in the simulation in real-time! Option to bid or accept any trade in the simulation.

Invest in Clean Technologies

At the end of each trading year, students are offered company-specific investment options. These investment options reduce the company's carbon production for upcoming years.